A New Human Story

Empowering our human potential for the healthy continuity of people and planet.

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In these times of great uncertainty, shifts and challenges, let us wake up to who we are, our connection to all life and our ability to co-create the world that we want to be a part of.

  • Let us not hold onto the fear and the hate. 
    Acknowledge it and then move towards the beauty that is within each one of us.
  • Let us stand in truth and not be afraid. Let us all sing our own beautiful song. 
    We all have limitless potential – the Universe within ourselves.
  • Let us together co-create our New Human Story now, from our true essence.

What will our New Human Story be?

An enormously important book! Sonia Molodecky offers readers a sparkling gem, a ‘user’s manual for life’ drawn from her own uniquely adventurous life and the elevated perspective it has given her. More than a book, A New Human Story is a colourful and eminently readable planetary roadmap drawn from the widest and wildest and wisest resources on Earth – to guide us all home. And to make the journey with a smile in our hearts and an irrepressible desire to dance.

Jeff Salz, Ph.D.

Author, The Way of Adventure, Americas Leading Adventure/Anthropologist
Discovery Network & History Channel

In conversation with Jamie Miller, Canada’s leading biomimist, about what we can learn from nature’s intelligence.

How can we learn from nature to build a better world? A New Human Story – a weekly interview podcast with Sonia Molodecky.

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