Sonia Molodecky

Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Natural Thinker, Co-Creator and Heart-Centered Warrior

Sonia is a Canadian-Ukrainian lawyer, entrepreneur and heart-centered warrior who’s spent more than 15 years working in human rights, international law, business, economic development, community empowerment and her own personal journey into herself. Seven years ago, Sonia left a comfortable position at one of Canada’s top law firms as a finance lawyer and National Chair of a Latin American Services Group, to co-found the Global Indigenous Development Trust. A Canadian indigenous-led not-for-profit, the organization works to empower indigenous communities and traditional knowledge systems worldwide to build natural economies and healthy futures for people and planet. Sonia has since spent time living and working with indigenous nations around the world, as a facilitator, partner, shaman apprentice and friend, gaining a deep understanding of both ancient systems and modern ways, and our interconnection with all life.

Sonia has worked for the Public Defender’s Office in Argentina, for the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine as legal advisor to the Prime Minister developing and implementing democratic governance, and for the President of the Commission of Human Rights and Justice in Mexico. Most recently Sonia helped develop the University of Toronto’s new Reconciliation Through Engineering Initiative that fosters a collaborative, ‘two-eyed seeing’ approach to applied research, founded in respect and reciprocity. As a bridge-builder across many industries, Sonia has also founded a number of for profit businesses that foster natural law philosophies, on which she sits as Director and lead strategist.

She is a certified kundalini yoga practitioner, energy healing facilitator, avid adventurer and explorer of the natural world. Her passion is helping people realize their true potential as human beings based on a heart-centered path—one that is built on the energy of love, abundance, health and joy. She does talks world-wide in both English and Spanish on topics related to meaningful collaboration, building life economies, the power of partnerships and the benefits of informed, empowered and engaged communities.

Sonia has been a speaker at TEDx, at the International Conference on Mining and Community Relations in Peru, and hosted the first REDx Talks in Toronto on Sustainable Futures: A New Vision for Natural Resource Development in Canada, to name a few. Sonia spends her time at her home in the country where she grows her own food, forages and interacts with the magic in nature to continually uncover its secrets.