About Me

Sonia Molodecky

Entrepreneur, Community Builder, Author, Speaker, Earth Advocate and Heart-Centered Warrior

Sonia is a Canadian-Ukrainian lawyer with more than 15 years’ experience working in international law, human rights, business, and community economic development. Sonia started her career as a corporate finance lawyer at two of Canada’s top law firms focusing on natural resources, renewable energy and infrastructure. Since then, Sonia has done business in more than a dozen countries, bridging ancient knowledge systems and modern ways, and supporting in holistic economic development efforts. Sonia has also worked in human rights law for the Public Defender’s Office in Argentina, as legal advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, and for the President of the Commission of Human Rights and Justice in Mexico.

In 2013, Sonia co-founded the Global Indigenous Development Trust that connects indigenous communities to share experiences and wise practice, to be decision-makers in the development of their lands and resources, and in re-building natural leaders and economies. Sonia is also founding director of Mno Aki Land Trust and Spirit Rock Resources Corp. which are empowering sovereignty over land, wealth, and resources. Sonia is also active in her local Ukrainian community supporting Nation Re-Building efforts.

Sonia recently published a book entitled, “A New Human Story: A Co-Creators Guide to Living our True Potential” that hopes to inspire youth to co-create a world in harmony with life. 

Sonia has been a two-time speaker at TEDx, spoken around the world at conferences on community development, natural systems and economies, empowering partnerships and our own human potential. She has also hosted various events and fora including the first REDx Talks in Toronto on Sustainable Futures: A New Vision for Natural Resource Development in Canada. Sonia is fluent in English, Ukrainian and Spanish.

Sonia has trained with healers in the heart of the Amazon, practiced various forms of meditation for over two decades, is a certified kundalini yoga practitioner, energy healing facilitator, avid adventurer having hiked one of the Seven Summits and swam open water marathons. When not working, she spends her time at her home in the country where she grows her own food, forages, and interacts with the magic in nature to continually uncover its secrets.