In these times of great uncertainty, shifts and challenges, let us wake up to who we are, our connection to all life and our ability to co-create the world that we want to be a part of.

  • Let us not hold onto the fear and the hate. Acknowledge it and then move towards the beauty that is within each one of us.
  • Let us stand in truth and not be afraid. Let us all sing our own beautiful song. We all have limitless potential – the Universe within ourselves.
  • Let us together co-create our New Human Story now, from our true essence.

What will our New Human Story be?

Hi, I’m Sonia.

I’ve spent the past 10 years working with Indigenous communities, industry, and governments in some of the most remove, beautiful and tough places in the world, as an explorer of myself and our limitless potential in this Earth School. Let me tell you a bit about my story…

I started my career 15 years ago as a corporate lawyer at the top law firm in Canada. I ran deals you read about on the front page of the newspaper. I lived in a shiny condo with a closet full of designer clothing and travelled the world to exotic destinations. But I was miserable! I struggled with crippling anxiety, low grade fevers and I was angry at the world – at the suffering, injustice, inequality, and ecological destruction I saw first-hand in our endless pursuit of growth.

Then in 2013, I jumped with my entire soul into the unknown to follow my heart because I knew it was the right direction! It was extremely frightening but liberating and empowering at the same time. Since then, I have been invited to work with communities across the Americas, Africa and Asia. To the heights of 5,000 meters in the Andes working with the ancient Inca cultures; swam in the living rivers and traversed forests of the Amazon with the Shuar, Sapara and Huaorani Nations; on the front lines of conflict zones fighting for justice; in the heart of darkness of South America’s mining industry supporting a more equitable way; participated in revolutions and democratic elections in Cambodia, Egypt, Mexico and Ukraine; defended human rights, and set up businesses in a multitude of jurisdictions.

And I can tell you, we are better together! I have experienced the sheer beauty of the woven tapestry that is our cultural diversity on this planet. This is our Superpower as a Humanity.


Over the past two decades, I have seen the worst and the best of the human spirit. I am incredibly hopeful because today, people across the world are seeking to re-connect and re-establish their connection with ourselves, each other, and our Mother Earth. I believe it is in cultivating these relationships that makes a Life Economy flourishes.

Through my work, I have gained a deep understanding of both ancient systems and modern ways, and our connection with all life. I share my experiences to inspire a new way forward, from our limitless potential, that allows all life to prosper, and to co-create Life Economies, with love in our hearts and respect for all life. I love speaking with youth who are our real Superheroes of our New Human Story.

International Work

I have been blessed to work and learn from Indigenous leaders, Elders, medicine men and women, and communities in some of the most remote, beautiful, and tough places in the world in international law, community development, human rights, building local businesses, capacity and leadership, as an advisor, facilitator, partner and friend. Our collective way forward is a way of collaboration and learning from one another!

In conversation with Jamie Miller, Canada’s leading biomimist, about what we can learn from nature’s intelligence.

How can we learn from nature to build a better world? A New Human Story – a weekly interview podcast with Sonia Molodecky.

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